Age of Sigmar Dominion

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    Dominion is an absolute no-brainer. The set includes a mighty Lord-Imperatant with accompanying Gryph-hound, a spell-casting Knight-Arcanum, a Knight-Vexillor with Banner of Apotheosis, three each of the elite Praetors and Annihilators, and 10 Vindictors. Not only that, but it includes the huntress supreme, Yndrasta, the Celestial Spear – a legendary hero of the Stormcast Eternals whose knowledge of Ghur, the Realm of Beasts, is second to none.

    Dominion also includes a pair of hulking Killabosses – one riding a Great Gnashtoof, and the other accompanied by a Stab-grot – a Swampcalla Shaman and Pot-grot minion, a Murknob with Belcha-banna, three Man-skewer Boltboyz, 10 murderous Gutrippaz and 20 sneaky Hobgrot Slittaz.


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